OSHA Training in California

Cal/OSHA refers to the set of occupational safety standards set by the State of California, in conjunction with the federal government, which are required from all operating businesses. All public and private operations are required to meet these standards, with the exception of family farms, the self-employed, and federal employees (those who are covered under federal OSHA regulations). These standards relate to providing a safe workplace, hazardous condition awareness and removal, incidence reports, and training.

OSHA regulations exist to protect American workers from hazardous work conditions. Provide a safe workplace through an understanding of hazardous condition awareness and removal, incidence reports, and training. Before OSHA was enacted, dangerous work conditions were prevalent within certain industries. OSHA established regulations to ensure that working conditions are controlled with employee safety as the priority, not profits.

Hawkeye offers state-of-the-art OSHA compliant training classes, meeting all of California’s state-level regulations as well as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

These classes are specifically designed for California businesses and provide the best value in the state. Our highly qualified instructors will guide you through Cal/OSHA regulations, ensuring that your training requirements are met, and that your business comes out the other side compliant and well-informed about workplace safety.


OSHA Safety Course Descriptions


Traffic Flagger Certification

Traffic flaggers communicate information with more people than any other roadway worker. Because flaggers are responsible for the safety of the public, OSHA requires that standard training be completed by each person working in this industry.

Hawkeye Safety’s Traffic Flagger Certification is a 4-6 hour class which covers standard vehicle flow procedures, along with emergency vehicle guidance and hostile vehicle contingencies. Learn about flagging equipment (paddles, flags, etc.), workzone and traffic layouts, and how to communicate efficiently when flagging— among other key things to be mindful of.

Read more about our traffic flagger training today!


Competent Person Excavation

Excavation is a very dangerous workplace condition responsible for between 30 and 50 workplace deaths every year. Excavation must be supervised at all times so avoid accidents and ensure emergencies are promptly handled. Due to the importance of the supervisor’s role, he or she must be certified as competent by undergoing OSHA standard training.

Hawkeye Safety offers a California-compliant Competent Person Excavation course, which teaches the supervisor about the dangers of excavation, as well as compressive soil testing, rescue procedures, and air testing for trench activities.

Learn more about this class and sign up your supervisor here, Excavation Competent Person.


Confined Space Competent Person

Confined spaces represent a very uncomfortable and dangerous workplace condition. Every confined space operation requires an entrant and an attendant. The entrant is defined as he or she who actually enters the confined space, while the attendant is the person who is stationed outside to offer assistance to the entrant and ensure their safety. OSHA requires that both entrants and attendants are competent to minimize risk to employees.

Hawkeye Safety offers a course to ensure that everyone involved in your confined space operations is OSHA compliant. This includes entrants, attendants, rescuers, and supervisors The class covers permit requirements, rescue methods, and every other OSHA-required talking point. 

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CPR & First Aid

CPR and First Aid are essential when it comes to maintaining maximum safety in your workplace. In the event of a workplace disaster, employers have a duty to ensure that their team knows how to properly respond. Hawkeye Safety offers OSHA-compliant training for both CPR and First Aid. By providing your employees with these two skills, you are greatly minimizing your chances for becoming liable for an on-site death.

CPR and First Aid are also key life skills for parents, babysitters, teachers, and anyone else responsible for children, making this class crucial for many who might not work in safety industries at all.

Learn how to save lives with Hawkeye’s CPR and First Aid Course!


OSHA 10 hr Construction

The Occupational Safety and Health Act was first enacted in 1970, and has served to minimize construction workplace deaths and injury for decades. OSHA training is the best way to help reduce this risk. Hawkeye Safety offers a comprehensive, OSHA-compliant construction workplace safety course that achieves this requirement for any of your entry-level employees. This knowledge is recommended for anybody working on a construction site.

Over the course of 10 hours your team can learn everything they need to know, including OSHA’s purpose, fall protection, electrical safety, caught in/between, struck-by training, and other industry-specific safety information.

Each class is tailored to your particular business and is taught by well-experienced instructors. Learn more and sign up for our 10-Hour Construction Course today! 


OSHA 30 hr Construction

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries on the planet. It’s the responsibility of every foreman or supervisor to understand the risks and get the knowledge necessary to reduce this risk. Hawkeye Safety offers a thorough and effective 30 hour in-person construction safety course to ensure your business minimizes its liability and maximizes worker safety.

The 30-hour course is recommended for all foremen and supervisors, as well as anyone who is responsible for employee safety. While online classes allow constant distraction and prevent the student from asking questions, our comprehensive in-person class ensures that information is processed fully and that all questions get an answer. For complete and maximum safety, no company is better than Hawkeye.

Learn more about our OSHA-compliant 30-Hour Construction course and sign up today!


Lead EPA RRP Certification

If your business renovates, repairs, or paints buildings constructed prior to 1978, then you need a Lead RRP Certification to conduct operations. Buildings made before 1978 are often finished with lead-based paint. Lead is a very toxic substance, and the dust from renovating, repairing, or painting these structures can be extremely dangerous.

With this course, your team will learn the dangers of lead dust and how to manage this danger. Learn more and sign up for our Lead EPA RRP Certification course today!


Fall Protection Competent Person

Working on industrial projects or construction often requires an employee to work high above the ground. Being high in the air isn’t a problem, but it can become one when gravity takes over. Fall protection is an important workplace procedure that prevents many workplace injuries and deaths every year. If your worksite contains a fall risk, such as scaffolding or tall ladders, OSHA requires that you have at least one Fall Protection Competent Person present.

Hawkeye Safety offers 1-Day or 2-Day courses that qualify your employees as Fall Protection Competent People, covering topics like harness, lifelines, and restraints. Learn more about our Fall Protection Competent Person Course and sign up today.


Lock Out / Tag Out

Lock Out / Tag Out refers to a set of procedures that employees and supervisors use when locking/powering down equipment for the purpose of repair or maintenance. All employers are required to have their team trained on how to properly stop and prevent the use of dangerous equipment when maintenance is ongoing.

Don’t wait for a workplace injury (or death) to get trained. Check out our Lock Out / Tag Out Course and sign up now!


HAZWOPER 8 hr Refresher

In order to perform any hazardous waste operation (aka HAZWOPER), an employee must have either a 24-hour certification for occasional work or a 40-hour certification for consistent work. Regardless of the level of certification needed, each employee must complete an annual 8-hour refresher in order to maintain his or her certification.

Hawkeye Safety’s 8-hour HAZWOPERrefresher is comprehensive, effective, and convenient. Learn more about our 8-Hour Annual HAZWOPER Refresher course today!


HAZWOPER 24-hr Certification

HAZWOPER is short for hazardous waste operations. Hazardous waste represents a significant danger in the workplace. It’s defined as any waste product from an operation that can be hazardous to human health. These hazardous wastes can come from chemical runoff, battery waste, nuclear material, and many other sources. This 24-hour certification is required by law for employees who will occasionally be coming in close proximity with hazardous waste as a result of normal operations.

Learn more about Hawkeye Safety’s 24-Hour Hazwoper Course today, and reserve your spot!


HAZWOPER 40-hr Certification

HAZWOPER, or hazardous waste operations, is an essential part of many industrial practices. Discarding hazardous waste must be done correctly to avoid endangering the health of employees by creating unsafe air and water conditions for your worksite.

This 40 hour class is a legal requirement for any employee who will be dealing with dangerous waste on a regular basis. If your business relates to toxic waste removal, all on-site personnel must complete this certification. Learn more and reserve your spot for our 40-Hour HAZWOPER course today!


Heat Illness Prevention

Working outside or without air conditioning represents a huge risk to your employees. In fact, heat stroke causes over 500 deaths every year. To minimize this risk to your team, you should complete an OSHA-compliant Heat Illness Prevention course. Hawkeye Safety’s Heat Illness Prevention class is only about an hour long, and ensures that all of your employees are given accurate information on how to prevent heat-related illness while working.

Learn more and sign up for our Heat Illness Prevention class today!


NFPA 70E Electrical / Arc Flash

If you work with or near a source of electricity, proper training is crucial to avoid injuries. Our NFPA 70E class is taught by experienced professionals with years of experience in the industry. This course will provide your team with the guiding electrical safety principles pursuant to OSHA standards.

This is an 8 hour course and covers topics such as who is responsible for electric safety, what the hazards of electricity are, and how to safely handle these hazards. Learn more about our NFPA 70E Electrical/Arc Flash course and sign up now.


Rigger & Signals Qualified Person: Level 1

Riggers and signallers must work together to ensure that safety is paramount when a crane or lift is in operation. Not only is rigger and signals compliance required by OSHA, it also helps prevent injuries to your personnel.

This class covers basic crane safety information, as well as qualified rigger safety procedures and the new power line clearance requirements. Learn more about how Hawkeye Safety can get your team up to speed with our Rigger and Signal Qualified Person course!


Critical Lift Rigger: Level 2

Upon completion of the Basic Rigger and Signals course, your employee is eligible to complete the Rigger Level 2 Critical Lift course. This course is required for employees to be considered Expert Riggers, and to therefore be eligible for more complicated crane work. It covers in-depth rigging concepts, such as load calculations, hitching methods, load angles, and hitch point inspection, just to name a few.

Get your team qualified for complicated crane work with our Rigger Critical Lift course!


Scaffold Safety Competent Person

Scaffolding allows for consistent, safe work on a high surface. But if it’s not done right, utilization of scaffolding can lead to disaster. Hawkeye Safety’s Scaffold Safety Competent Person course ensures that your worksite always has an OSHA-required scaffolding supervisor on site. Classes are held in both English and Spanish, and cover both modular scaffolding and rolling scaffolding, along with proper safety and inspection of these scaffolding systems.

Learn more and sign up for our Scaffold Safety Competent Person Course today!


Silica / Competent Person Training

Of all materials present on a construction site, silica is one of the most dangerous. It can become a fine dust, which is respirable by anyone in the area. Inhaling silica dust can cause the lungs to scar and stiffen, leading to a condition called silicosis.
OSHA requires, under financial penalty, that every construction site be inspected and monitored by a Silica Competent Person before work begins.

Hawkeye Safety offers a 4-Hour Silica Competent Person course that dives into engineering control and air testing for silica dust. Learn more and sign up today!

Courses available in English & Spanish