Traffic Flagger Certification Training



Flagger training and short-term traffic control regulations are covered in these 4 to 6 hr construction flagger certification classes. This course is made up of hands-on activities and demonstrations. All students must demonstrate comprehension of Cal OSHA’s flagger regulations, and techniques, for safely flagging traffic in order to pass the course.


Being a traffic control flagger makes you responsible for public safety (along with having more contact with the public than any other highway worker). Because of this, it is vital that traffic flaggers receive proper training regarding safe traffic control practices and public contact techniques. This is why flaggers must be trained by qualified persons with the experience necessary to effectively instruct workers about the proper fundamentals of flagging moving traffic.

Flaggers should be able to satisfactorily demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Receive and communicate specific instructions clearly, firmly, and courteously.
  • Move and maneuver quickly in order to avoid potential danger from errant vehicles.
  • Control signaling devices (such as paddles and flags) in order to provide clear and positive guidance to drivers approaching a TTC zone amidst frequently changing situations.
  • Understand and apply safe traffic control practices, even during stressful or emergency situations.
  • Recognize dangerous traffic situations and warn workers within a sufficient amount of time to avoid injury.


What is a traffic flagger certification?

The Traffic Flagger Certification is a basic course that covers everything you need to safely handle traffic flow interruptions. Those who pass will receive a traffic flagging certification card, with recertification being required every 4 years.

By becoming traffic flagger certified, you will have the knowledge and information needed to contribute to a safe job site. Additionally, you will limit your liability in the case of an accident caused by your doing (if this accident occurs and you are not certified, you may be responsible for paying large damages in court). And if those reasons aren’t good enough, it is also required by OSHA to work in the industry.

What are traffic flagger certification classes like?

All of our classes are taught by certified instructors who are experts in the field of occupational safety. The Traffic Flagger Certification class consists of 4 to 6 hours of instruction, demonstration, and hands-on practice accompanied by thorough explanations from well-qualified professionals, ensuring that you feel confident in your learning and capabilities.

Why Choose Hawkeye Safety?

Hawkeye Safety has been in the California OSHA compliance business since 2004. In this time we’ve gained experience serving hundreds of California businesses, and helped make California workers safe across all industries. With Hawkeye, you’re guaranteed quality traffic flagger training, by qualified instructors, ensuring that you can remain compliant under all of OSHA’s requirements.


There are standard procedures for vehicle flow, emergency vehicle navigation, and hostile vehicle contingencies that can only be taught through this flagging certification class. The certification course ensures the student is adept at flagging, leading to not only safe traffic flows, but efficient ones as well. Receiving proper training is one of the best investments you can make because it reduces your chances of a massive damage expense in the future and helps to foster an accident-free work environment.

Although traffic control may seem like an easy job, it really isn’t. An untrained person directing traffic around a job site could lead to catastrophic results. The need to become certified in flagging isn’t just legally required – it’s also the best way to reduce risk and contribute to a safer workspace for those around you.


Maintaining OSHA compliance can be complicated. Hawkeye Safety’s goal is to make this process as easy/simple as possible for you and your team. If you have any questions about OSHA or Hawkeye Safety in general, please do not hesitate to call us at 510-633-0129 or contact us today!


Refer to Construction Safety Order in the California Code of Regulations (Title 8, Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 4, Article 11, Section 1599 – Flaggers) for flagger training. See Section 1A.11 for information regarding this publication.

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