OSHA CPR & First Aid Training


This class covers the common sense basic fundamentals of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).CPR is a race against the clock to get oxygen to the victims brain before it dies irreversibly, and to get the Automatic External Defibilator (AED) hooked up to the patient while there’s still electricity in the chest cavity. This class explains the importance of doing chest compressions on a pulseless, lifeless person. This course also covers airway obstruction (choking) skills for Adult, children, and infants. This class meets OSHA standards and is appropriate for the healthcare provider.

First Aid

This class covers the common sense basic fundamentals of first aid. A must class for every parent, coach, and babysitter. This class covers what to do for a person who is still alive, but is sick or injured. It is important to know what to so while waiting for the EMS first responders to arrive. Included in the curriculum is patient assessment, control of bleeding, shock management, cardiac and stroke emergencies, allergic reactions, fractures, as well as many other everyday emergencies. This class meets OSHA standards.

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