CPR & First Aid Training


This class covers the basic fundamentals of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR. CPR is a race against the clock to get oxygen to the victims brain before damage becomes irreversible. In addition, the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) must be hooked up to the patient while there’s still electricity in the chest cavity. This class teaches how to effectively accomplish these things, along with other skills such as the importance of doing chest compressions on an individual without a pulse and airway obstruction (choking) skills for adults, children, and infants. The OSHA-compliant CPR classes offered by Hawkeye Safety utilize the National Safety Council Curriculum and meet all OSHA certification standards.

CPR Course Objectives:

  • Identify whether or not CPR is a necessary action
  • Understand why CPR is effective
  • Learn the techniques behind giving CPR and tending to choking
  • Gain an OSHA-compliant CPR certification


This class covers the basic fundamentals of first aid. A must-take class for every parent, coach, and babysitter. This class covers what to do when a person is sick or injured, but still alive. Using your time effectively while waiting for EMS first responders to arrive will provide the individual with the greatest chance of survival. Included in the curriculum is patient assessment, control of bleeding, shock management, cardiac and stroke emergencies, fractures, and allergic reactions— along with other everyday emergencies. Like the CPR course, the Hawkeye First Aid training class utilizes the National Safety Council Curriculum and meets all OSHA certification standards.

First Aid Course Objectives:

  • Identify dangerous situations and how to control them
  • Learn how to productively talk to 911 about an emergency situation
  • Understand the proper techniques for dealing with various injuries
  • Learn to delegate responsibilities to bystanders to increase chances of success

Why is CPR and First Aid necessary?

CPR and First Aid training are life skills that everyone should be capable of executing at a moment’s notice. CPR is a method of revival used when a person is unresponsive, not breathing, and has no pulse. First Aid refers to the general steps taken when you encounter someone who needs medical attention.

The idea behind CPR (or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is to continue the flow of oxygen to the brain, manually. Because the victim has no pulse, oxygen-rich blood is not being pumped to their head. The brain, without oxygen, begins to die. CPR enables a rescuer to use his/her hands and bodyweight to stimulate the victim’s heart with a goal to either:
Feed enough oxygen to their brain such that activity resumes and their heart can continue pumping on its own, or
Give their brain a fighting chance of a full recovery of function once resuscitation occurs in the ambulance or at the hospital.

First Aid goes hand-in-hand with CPR. First Aid is a series of steps that rescuers should follow upon discovering a person in heavy peril. Steps can include checking the area for other dangers, stopping heavy bleeding, disinfecting cuts, or contacting 911— along with performing CPR itself. Remember, a certification in CPR and First Aid training can also protect you against liability. More harm than good can occur when individuals attempt to perform CPR when not certified to do so, potentially landing them in a sticky legal situation. Getting certified in CPR and First Aid helps increase your chances of successfully assisting someone in need, thus protecting you against the inherent liability of this life-saving action.

Why Hawkeye Safety?

Since 2004, Hawkeye Safety has been a premier name in OSHA-compliant classes throughout California. Both the CPR and First Aid training courses that we offer are taught by well-qualified, certified instructors who will ensure that you gain the knowledge necessary to remain calm in the case of medical emergencies. In addition, all of our classes meet OSHA standards. When you choose Hawkeye Safety for your CPR & First Aid certification, you’re choosing the best!

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