Lock Out Tag Out Training

Fed 1910.147 & Cal OSHA 3314 regs covered in depth

Hawkeye Safety now offers a Lock Out Tag Out Safety Certificate Program for General Industry and Construction. This training meets both Federal and Cal-OSHA lock out tag out regulations for prime movers machinery and equipment as well as construction start up applications for process systems.

Control of Hazardous Energy – LOCK OUT TAG OUT/ BLOCK OUT (LOTO/BO) Cal OSHA Title 8 – 3314

This regulation applies to all places of employment including but not limited to the following:

FOOD INDUSTRY, WAREHOUSING, PRINT SHOPS, PETRO-CHEM, MEDICAL FACILITIES, MANUFACTURING AND CONSTRUCTION. ALL EMPLOYERS are required to train their employees how to DE-ENERGIZE equipment and process systems prior to performing any maintenance or adjustment.

Our Comp Person lockout tag out TRAINING course is held simultaneously with theTRAIN the TRAINER class. All students are combined in the same workshop. In this setting, the student Trainers get to see first hand how to put on a class by assisting the instructor with classroom activities.

This class (LOTO/ BO) is available at our training center or we can travel to your facility to do a site-specific lockout tag out training workshop.
on’t wait for an accident to happen! Train your employees to avoid a serious injury or worse.

Your instructors are Don Moschella & Steve Turner, A.R.M.
Come and join us to learn how NFPA 70 & OSHA regulations are connected for lockout tag out compliance in the workplace.

This course is 4 to 6 hours and reasonably priced. Train the Trainers will be licensed for five years and will receive all the necessary instructional materials for training their own employees.

* CLASSES with less than 10 students may be rescheduled. All safety classes are payable in advance. Cancellation with less than 1 week written notice is non-refundable. Students will be placed in a future class if they cancel or “no show” with less than 1 week notice. Minimum class size requirements are subject to change without notice.

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