Critical Lift Rigger Level 2 Training

Intermediate Rigger and Signal Person Class

Prerequisite “Basic Rigger & Signal Person” Level 1 knowledge and skills.

After completion of our course, the intermediate Rigger will be able to:

  • Calculate load weights and center of gravity
  • Identify lift points
  • Set-up Multi point rigging configurations
  • Perform pre-use inspection of rigging and lift points
  • Demonstrate Rigging with knowledge of hitch configurations, load angle factors (tensions) on lift points, rigging hardware and slings.
  • Understand dynamic loading factors
  • Perform calculations for a multi-crane hoisting project
  • Perform CRITICAL LIFT calculations
  • Perform mechanical advantage calculations
  • Demonstrate advanced signaling capability for multi-function crane operations


* Students who successfully pass the course will receive a Level 2 “Intermediate Rigger & Signal Person ” certificate and wallet card GOOD FOR 5 YEARS.

** CLASSES with less than 10 students may be rescheduled. All safety classes are payable in advance. Cancellation with less than 2 weeks written notice is non-refundable. Students will be placed in a future class if they cancel or “no show” with less than 2 weeks notice. Minimum class size requirements are subject to change without notice.

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