Scaffolding Train The Trainer Course

This class has been developed for construction and industrial trainers who wish to instruct their employees how to safely perform work on scaffolding systems. Scaffold training prepares you to teach the hazards of modular scaffolding, swing stage scaffolding, and rolling scaffolds.

Our scaffolding train-the-trainer course provides everything
needed to create an effective Scaffolding Safety Training Program:

  • Hands-on demonstration of inspecting a scaffold
  • Learning about various ladder attachments
  • Scaffold erection techniques for most construction applications (welded frame, tube and coupler, rolling scaffold)
  • Various inspection techniques
  • Full training curriculum
  • Flash drive for training others in safe scaffold operations
  • Wallet card template to create your own wallet cards and certify students at their own facilities

Our scaffolding train-the-trainer course meets Cal & Fed OSHA’s requirement for inspection by a competent & qualified person prior to erecting and starting work on a scaffold.
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Suitable for most commercial and residential applications

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